Add-on - Custom Fields Shortcodes

These shortcodes are for the Custom Fields add-on only.
Full documentation for this add-on can be found here.
Replace 'X' with the slug of your custom field.

Custom Field: [custom_field field="X"]
User Profile Custom Field: [user_custom_field field="X"]

Add-on - Update Reminder Shortcodes

The shortcodes used for the Update Reminder add-on are the same as the ones used in the Post Updated notification.
Full documentation for this add-on can be found here.

Global Site Shortcodes

Site Title: [global_site_title]
Site Tagline: [global_site_tagline]
Site URL: [global_site_url]

Global User Shortcodes

Recipient First Name: [global_user_firstname]
Recipient Last Name: [global_user_lastname]
Recipient Email Address: [global_user_email]
Recipient Username: [global_user_username]

Post / Page / Custom Post Type Shortcodes

Permalink: [permalink]
Post ID: [ID]
Original Post Author: [post_author]
Post Date: [post_date]
Post Date (GMT): [post_date_gmt]
Post Content: [post_content]
Post Title: [post_title]
Post Category: [post_category]
Post Term(s): [post_term taxonomy="TAXONOMY_NAME"]
Post Tag(s): [post_tag]
Post Excerpt: [post_excerpt]
Post Status: [post_status]
Comment Status: [comment_status]
Ping Status: [ping_status]
Post Password: [post_password]
Post Name: [post_name]
To Ping: [to_ping]
Pinged: [pinged]
Post Modified: [post_modified]
Post Modified (GMT): [post_modified_gmt]
Post Content Filtered: [post_content_filtered]
Post Parent: [post_parent]
GUID: [guid]
Menu Order: [menu_order]
Post Type: [post_type]
Post MIME Type: [post_mime_type]
Comment Count: [comment_count]
Edit Post Link: [edit_post]
Post Slug: [post_slug]
Permalink to Post Parent: [post_parent_permalink]
Link to Post Author Archive: [author_link]
Featured Image: [featured_image]
Custom Field: [custom_field field="X"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

Post / Page / Custom Post Type Updated Shortcodes

Post Updated Author: [post_update_author]

Scheduled Post / Page / Custom Post Type Shortcodes

Post Schedule Date: [post_scheduled_date]
Post Schedule Date GMT: [post_scheduled_date_gmt]

Comment Shortcodes

Comment ID: [comment_ID]
Comment Post ID: [comment_post_ID]
Comment Author: [comment_author]
Comment Author Email: [comment_author_email]
Comment Author URL: [comment_author_url]
Comment Author IP: [comment_author_IP]
Comment Date: [comment_date]
Comment Date (GMT): [comment_date_gmt]
Comment Content: [comment_content]
Comment Karma: [comment_karma]
Comment Approved: [comment_approved]
Comment Agent: [comment_agent]
Comment Type: [comment_type]
Comment Parent: [comment_parent]
Comment Content: [comment_content]
Comment Author Avatar: [commenter_avatar]

User Shortcodes

Author User ID: [user_id]
Author User Login: [user_login]
Author User Nicename: [user_nicename]
Author User Email: [user_email]
Author User URL: [user_url]
Author User Registered: [user_registered]
Author Display Name: [display_name]
Author User Firstname: [user_firstname]
Author User Lastname: [user_lastname]
Author Nickname: [nickname]
Author User Description: [user_description]
Author Capabilities: [wp_capabilities]
User Avatar: [user_avatar]

Custom Field User Shortcodes

User Profile Custom Field: [user_custom_field field="X"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

User Role Shortcodes

New User Role: [user_role_new]
Old User Role: [user_role_old]

User Lost Password Shortcodes

Password Reset Link: [password_reset_link]

User Registration Shortcodes

Login URL: [login_url]
Password: [password] (WordPress < 4.3)
Set-up Password URL: [password_url] (WordPress > 4.3)

WordPress Core Automatic Background Update Shortcodes

WordPress Core Update Status: [core_update_status]

Category / Taxonomy Shortcodes

Category Name: [name]
Category Slug: [slug]
Category Description: [description]

Tag Shortcodes

Tag Name: [name]
Tag Slug: [slug]
Tag Description: [description]