BNFW shortcodes output information, as stored in the WordPress database, which can be used in your notifications. Unless they’ve been improved within the plugin, all shortcodes output raw information. Sometimes, this means that instead of a proper link or image, it will output a URL. This is easily resolved by wrapping the shortcode in the appropriate HTML using the ‘Text’ tab of the WYSIWYG editor.
E.g. [cci lang=”php” escaped=”true”]<a href=”[permalink]”>Link Text</a>[/cci] or [cci lang=”php” escaped=”true”]<img src=”[featured_image]”>[/cci].


Select a notification from the list below to view the available shortcodes:

The shortcodes used for the Reminders add-on are the same as the ones used in the Post Updated notification.
Full documentation for this add-on can be found here.

Notification Options

This notification supports the following options:

This notification may not support many options due to a limitation in WordPress. If any options are available, they will be highlighted below.

  • Send in HTML or Plain Text
  • Set the "From" Name & Email, "Reply To" Name & Email, choose users/user roles to use in the CC and BCC fields
  • Send to Post/Page/Custom Post Type Author
  • Choose to not send the notification to the User who triggered it
  • Choose the Users and/or User Roles you want to send the notification to
  • Choose the Users and/or User Roles you want to exclude from the notification
  • Set the subject for this notification

Notification Shortcodes

These are the shortcodes that you can use in this notification.

Multisite Network Shortcodes

Network Name: [network_name]

Multisite Confirmation Shortcodes

Confirmation Link: [confirmation_link]

Multisite Site Activated or Created Shortcodes

ID of the New Site: [blog_id]
Title of the New Site: [title]

Multisite Site Activation Shortcodes

Activate Site Link: [activation_link]
Domain of the Site (if the multisite is on a subdomain): [domain]
Path of the Site (if the multisite is in a sub-directory): [path]
Site Title: [title]

Multisite Password Shortcodes

Password: [password]

Multisite User Invited Shortcodes

Subsite Title: [subsite_title] Activation Link: [activation_link]
User Login: [user_login]

Multisite Old Admin Shortcodes

Old Admin User ID: [old_admin_user_id]
Old Admin User Login: [old_admin_user_login]
Old Admin User Nicename: [old_admin_user_nicename]
Old Admin User Email: [old_admin_user_email]
Old Admin User URL: [old_admin_user_url]
Old Admin User Registered: [old_admin_user_registered]
Old Admin Display Name: [old_admin_user_display_name]
Old Admin User Firstname: [old_admin_user_firstname]
Old Admin User Lastname: [old_admin_user_lastname]
Old Admin Nickname: [old_admin_user_nickname]
Old Admin User Description: [old_admin_user_description]
Old Admin Capabilities: [old_admin_user_wp_capabilities]
Old Admin User Avatar: [old_admin_user_avatar]
Old Admin User Profile Custom Field: [old_admin_user_custom_field field="X"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

Multisite New Admin Shortcodes

New Admin User ID: [new_admin_user_id]
New Admin User Login: [new_admin_user_login]
New Admin User Nicename: [new_admin_user_nicename]
New Admin User Email: [new_admin_user_email]
New Admin User URL: [new_admin_user_url]
New Admin User Registered: [new_admin_user_registered]
New Admin Display Name: [new_admin_user_display_name]
New Admin User Firstname: [new_admin_user_firstname]
New Admin User Lastname: [new_admin_user_lastname]
New Admin Nickname: [new_admin_user_nickname]
New Admin User Description: [new_admin_user_description]
New Admin Capabilities: [new_admin_user_wp_capabilities]
New Admin User Avatar: [new_admin_user_avatar]
New Admin User Profile Custom Field: [new_admin_user_custom_field field="X"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

Profile Builder Shortcodes

User Login: [user_login]
User Email: [user_email]
Profile Builder Activation Key: [pb_activation_key]
Profile Builder Registration URL: [pb_registration_page_url]

Site Shortcodes

These shortcodes can be used in any notification.

Site Title: [global_site_title]
Site Tagline: [global_site_tagline]
Site URL: [global_site_url]
Site Admin Email: [admin_email]
Current Date: [current_date]
Current Time: [current_time]

Recipient User Shortcodes

These shortcodes can only be used in notifications that have a 'Send To' field and for users that have a WordPress account on your site, i.e. they won't work for email addresses that have been manually added using the Send to Any Email add-on.

Recipient User ID: [email_user_id]
Recipient User Login: [email_user_login]
Recipient User Nicename: [email_user_nicename]
Recipient User Email: [email_user_email]
Recipient User URL: [email_user_url]
Recipient User Registered: [email_user_registered]
Recipient Display Name: [email_user_display_name]
Recipient User Firstname: [email_user_firstname]
Recipient User Lastname: [email_user_lastname]
Recipient Nickname: [email_user_nickname]
Recipient User Description: [email_user_description]
Recipient Capabilities: [email_user_wp_capabilities]
Recipient User Avatar: [email_user_avatar]
Recipient User Profile Custom Field: [email_user_custom_field field="X"] (Custom Fields add-on only)
Manage BNFW Notification Subscriptions in WP Admin Profile: [user_subscription_page] (Subscriptions add-on only)

Post / Page / Custom Post Type Shortcodes

Permalink: [permalink]
Post ID: [ID]
Original Post Author: [post_author]
Post Date: [post_date]
Post Date (GMT): [post_date_gmt]
Post Content: [post_content]
Post Title: [post_title]
Post Category: [post_category]
First Category Description of Post: [post_category_description]
First Category Slug of Post: [post_category_slug]
Post Term(s): [post_term taxonomy="TAXONOMY_NAME"]
Post Tag(s): [post_tag]
Post Excerpt: [post_excerpt]
Post Status: [post_status]
Comment Status: [comment_status]
Ping Status: [ping_status]
Post Password: [post_password]
Post Name: [post_name]
To Ping: [to_ping]
Pinged: [pinged]
Post Modified: [post_modified]
Post Modified (GMT): [post_modified_gmt]
Post Content Filtered: [post_content_filtered]
Post Parent: [post_parent]
GUID: [guid]
Menu Order: [menu_order]
Post Type: [post_type]
Post MIME Type: [post_mime_type]
Comment Count: [comment_count]
Edit Post Link: [edit_post]
Post Slug: [post_slug]
Permalink to Post Parent: [post_parent_permalink]
Link to Post Author Archive: [author_link]
Link to Post Type Archive: [post_type_archive]
Featured Image: [featured_image]
First Image in Post: [first_image]
Custom Field: [custom_field field="X" type="Y" format="Z"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

Post / Page / Custom Post Type Updated Shortcodes

Post Updated Author: [post_update_author]

Scheduled Post / Page / Custom Post Type Shortcodes

Post Schedule Date: [post_scheduled_date]
Post Schedule Date GMT: [post_scheduled_date_gmt]

Media Shortcodes

Permalink: [permalink]
Media ID: [ID]
Original Media Author: [media_author]
Media Date: [media_date]
Media Date (GMT): [media_date_gmt]
Media Description: [media_description]
Media Title: [media_title]
Media Alternative Text: [media_alt_text]
Media Caption: [media_caption]
Media Dimensions: [media_dimensions]
Media Status: [media_status]
Comment Status: [comment_status]
Ping Status: [ping_status]
To Ping: [to_ping]
Pinged: [pinged]
Media Modified: [media_modified]
Media Modified (GMT): [media_modified_gmt]
Media Content Filtered: [media_content_filtered]
GUID: [guid]
Media Type: [media_type]
Media MIME Type: [media_mime_type]
Comment Count: [comment_count]
Edit Media Link: [edit_post]
Media Slug: [media_slug]
Link to Media Author Archive: [author_link]
Custom Field: [custom_field field="X" type="Y" format="Z"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

Comment Shortcodes

Comment Moderation Link: [comment_moderation_link]
Comment Moderation - Approve: [comment_moderation_approve]
Comment Moderation - SPAM: [comment_moderation_spam]
Comment Moderation - Delete: [comment_moderation_delete]
Comment ID: [comment_ID]
Comment Post ID: [comment_post_ID]
Comment Author: [comment_author]
Comment Author Email: [comment_author_email]
Comment Author URL: [comment_author_url]
Comment Author IP: [comment_author_IP]
Comment Date: [comment_date]
Comment Date (GMT): [comment_date_gmt]
Comment Content: [comment_content]
Comment Karma: [comment_karma]
Comment Status: [comment_approved]
Comment Agent: [comment_agent]
Comment Type: [comment_type]
Comment Author Avatar: [commenter_avatar]
Comment Parent: [comment_parent]
Parent Comment Content: [comment_parent_content]

User Shortcodes

These multi-purpose shortcodes relate to the person triggering the notification. This is most likely to be the author of a post or the user that is registering.

User ID: [user_id]
User Login: [user_login]
User Role: [user_role]
User Nicename: [user_nicename]
User Email: [user_email]
User URL: [user_url]
User Registered: [user_registered]
Display Name: [display_name]
User Firstname: [user_firstname]
User Lastname: [user_lastname]
Nickname: [nickname]
User Description: [user_description]
Capabilities: [wp_capabilities]
User Avatar: [user_avatar]
User IP Address: [user_ip_address]
User Profile Custom Field: [user_custom_field field="X"] (Custom Fields add-on only)

User Role Shortcodes

New User Role: [user_role_new]
Old User Role: [user_role_old]

User Lost Password Shortcodes

Password Reset Link: [password_reset_link]

User Registration Shortcodes

Login URL: [login_url]
Login URL (Raw): [login_url_raw]
Password: [password] (WordPress < 4.3 or Profile Builder)
Set-up Password URL: [password_url] (WordPress > 4.3)
Set-up Password URL (Raw): [password_url_raw] (WordPress > 4.3)

WordPress Core Automatic Background Update Shortcodes

WordPress Core Update Status: [core_update_status]

Privacy - Confirm Action - For Admin Shortcodes

User's Email: [email_user_email]
Request Type: [data_request_type]
Privacy Request Management Page: [data_privacy_requests_url]

Privacy - Confirm Action - For User Shortcodes

Request Type: [data_request_type]
Confirm Request Link: [request_confirmation_link]

Privacy - Data Export - For User Shortcodes

Data Download Link Expiry Date: [data_privacy_download_expiry]
Data Download Link: [data_privacy_download_url]

Privacy - Data Erased - For User Shortcodes

Sitename: [sitename]

Category / Taxonomy Shortcodes

Category Name: [name]
Category Slug: [slug]
Category Description: [description]

Tag Shortcodes

Tag Name: [name]
Tag Slug: [slug]
Tag Description: [description]