Photo of Jack McConnell, Author of Content Notify WordPress Plugin
Me, in my office

Hi, I’m Jack McConnell – the developer of Better Notifications for WP.

Based in the South of England, I’ve been a WordPress developer and designer since 2009. Over the past decade, I’ve built a successful web design company called Made with Fuel, and released a number of WordPress plugins including Better Notifications for WP and its sister plugin – Content Notify, which allows users to create their own custom email alerts and subscriptions. Outside of designing and developing WordPress websites and plugins, I co-host a WordPress-centric podcast called Pressing Matters. I’m married with two children, and enjoy making things, exploring, films, and music.

Plugin Origins

I came up with the idea for the plugin back in 2013 when working on a client’s website and since then, I’ve developed the idea into a fully-fledged plugin used by tens of thousands of users, accompanied by premium add-ons and solid documentation. I have a great roadmap for the free core plugin, improvements to existing add-ons, and lots of ideas for new add-ons for years to come.


I’d like Better Notifications for WP to be the go-to notifications plugin for WordPress. It should be a full replacement that extends the WordPress notification system and it should be really easy to use. I believe on providing a well made plugin with good quality support and a range of add-ons and services that help with the future development of the free core plugin and new premium add-ons. I work on all aspects of the plugin, add-ons, website, support, etc. but also use another developer to aid with the development of the plugin and the add-ons. If you have any questions, please get in touch.