Send To Any Email

Send to Any Email is a premium add-on for Better Notifications for WordPress. You can purchase it here.

Manually Adding an Email Address

When setting up a new notification, type an email address into the ‘Send To’ box and when finished, press enter. This will confirm the email address and will ensure it is added to the list of recipients. You can then add other email addresses or select User Roles or individual Users from the list as normal.


Adding a Custom Field Shortcode

Adding a custom field, when used in conjunction with the Custom Fields add-on, works the same as manually typing an email address, as above – just type the shortcode and press enter to add it to the list of recipients. For help with custom field shortcodes, please visit this documentation page.


This add-on also works great with the Global Override add-on, allowing you to manually add email addresses or custom fields (when used in conjunction with the Custom Fields add-on) into the ‘Notifications’ override meta box.