Version 1.0.3 ⋅ ChangelogDocumentation

Profile Builder

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New notifications and compatibility for BNFW and Profile Builder Free, Hobbyist, and Pro.

Version 1.0.3 ⋅ ChangelogDocumentation


This add-on provides compatibility for all versions of the Profile Builder plugin (Free, Hobbyist, and Pro) for new user registrations, password resets, and password changes performed via Profile Builder’s front-end forms and Better Notifications for WP.
In addition to the standard notifications available within BNFW, it also includes a number of new notifications, allowing you to override the default emails within Profile Builder Hobbyist and Pro using Better Notifications for WP.

New notifications are available for Profile Builder Hobbyist and Pro only. These are:

  • ‘Profile Builder – Approval Request for Admin’
  • ‘Profile Builder – Email Confirmation’
  • ‘Profile Builder – Admin Approved’
  • ‘Profile Builder – Admin Unapproved’

New shortcodes for the new ‘Profile Builder – Email Confirmation’ notification are:

  • Profile Builder Activation Key: [pb_activation_key]
  • Profile Builder Registration URL: [pb_registration_page_url]


For more information, I recommend that you look through the full documentation to ensure that this add-on will meet your requirements, prior to purchasing.


Still have a question? Ask me a pre-sales question here and i’ll gladly help.

Great plugin excellent support
Excellent support! Apart from the very good quality plugin, you also buying top support service. Thank you, Jack, for your patience and time getting everything set up.


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