Reminders Add-on


This add-on adds some useful reminder functionality to Better Notifications for WP:

  • Send a reminder to your users and/or user roles when a post, page, or custom post type hasn’t been updated after a set amount of time. You can set this time to be in hours, days, weeks, or months.
  • Send a reminder to your users when a post/page/custom post type hasn’t been published after a set amount of time.
  • Send a transactional reminder notification if a user hasn’t logged in after a set amount of time.

This add-on is useful if you run a site that requires users to update content on a regular basis. For example, if you run an educational institute, you might require that students publish/update their homework or lab note posts on a daily or weekly basis – with this add-on, reminding them to do that is easy.


  • New fields in the

    New fields in the


For more information, I recommend that you look through the full documentation to ensure that this add-on will meet your requirements, prior to purchasing.


Still have a question? Ask me a pre-sales question here and i’ll gladly help.


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  • Solid 4 Star Plus - With some adjustments this can easy be a solid 5 Star plugin

    I use the plugin to remind my membership base they haven’t logged into the system for awhile and this acts as an accountability partner. It works as designed flawlessly once you understand how it works.

    It could easily be a five star plugin regarding its functionality; however, it needs a few minor tweaks and adjustments such as:

    1. The instructions on the website could use some work.

    2. There should be a tab on the “Notifications” menu (Left) side of wordpress that has a short-codes tab with all the codes within it. Currently, you would have had to discover them by clicking all over the place but since you are reading this, just click on the “Add New” under the “Notifications” tab then scroll down near the bottom and click on [Find Shortcodes] tab which will send you to the website where you can copy out a shortcode.

    3. The save button should be directly UNDER the Disable & Enable Reminder radio button so you don’t forget to save it. I ran a test with the hour parameter successfully but forgot to save the disable selection when I was done testing and the test continue to run and sent out the message multiple times for hours until I discovered the error.

    The above mishap was possible because there is no way to test the propagated names without it being live. With that being said, finally:

    4. The plugin should come with a minimum of “TWO” licenses. One would be used for your live site while the other could be used on a test site where you can actually setup test email addresses and test user ids to truly test the plugin shortcodes. I will probably write to Jack (unless he answers here) to see if I can deactivate my “ONE” license and reactivate it on a test site to test the short codes, then deactivate it and reactivate it on my live site. (A lot of work but necessary to prevent the problems of bullet point 3.

    With all of the above, this plugin is a solid 4 plus once you develop a system on how you will use it and copy out the shortcodes to an offsite storage area for easy and quick access.

  • Powerful & Friendly Automation

    The Reminders Add-on is pretty awesome! It’s very easy to use, simple to understand and also very powerful with it’s multitude of triggers and conditions. We’ve been using the reminders to automatically notify about 3 dozen employees about various site and user information. Our client loves it- less “action items” falling through the cracks. Best of all it’s “set it and forget it” functionality is rock solid!

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    Reviews for this Add-on


    v.1.1 - 16th August 2019
    New: Three new notification! The new 'Reminder - New Post/Page/Custom Post Type Reminder' notifications are triggered when a new post/page/custom post type hasn't been published in a set amount of time.
    Fixed: Conditional Notifications add-on fields are now hidden in Reminder notifications as expected.

    v.1.0.8 - 24th June 2019
    Fixed: An issue where notifications weren't sending when used in conjunction with the Conditional Notifications add-on.

    v.1.0.7 - 11th April 2019
    Fixed: A small js error when adding/editing a notification.

    v.1.0.6 - 1st March 2018
    Added: Support for the new global shortcodes.

    v1.0.5 - 31st January 2018
    Added: Inline help tips are now available for this add-ons notification fields.

    v1.0.4 - 23rd November 2017
    Fixed / Changed: The reminder emails were being sent out every hour when the cron ran after the allocated time period had elapsed. This has now been fixed and changed so that reminder emails are only ever sent out once for each notification that is triggered.

    v1.0.3 - 10th August 2017
    This add-on has been renamed from 'Update Reminder' to 'Reminders'. You'll need to re-add your license key again to Notifications > Settings before and (possibly) after updating.
    New: 'User Login Reminder' notification for reminding users when they last logged in along with accompanying [user_last_login] shortcode which shows the date and time they last logged in.
    Updated: You can now set the amount of time to send a notification after in hours, days, weeks, or months.
    Fixed: The User shortcodes weren't being outputted in some reminder notifications.

    v1.0.2 - 17th February 2017
    New: Translation file now provided.
    Fixed: License keys for this add-on weren't activating properly in the 'Add-on Licenses' screen.

    v1.0.1 - 13th September 2016
    Compatibility with BNFW Conditional Notifications add-on.

    v1.0 - 8th June 2016
    Initial Release

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