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Allows a user to manage the BNFW notifications that they're opted into via a series of checkboxes in their profile in the WordPress Admin or via a front-end form.

Version 1.2.2 ⋅ ChangelogDocumentation


This add-on allows a user to manage the BNFW notifications that they’re opted into via a series of checkboxes in their profile in the WordPress Admin, or via the front-end form which can be added to any page using a shortcode.

If you want to let users create their own email subscriptions and email alerts, check out my other plugin: Content Notify.

An option in the main plugin settings allows the site admin to choose whether users are opted in or out of (subscribed or unsubscribed from) notifications by default. I.e. When the default is set to ‘opted-in’, a user will need to manually opt out (unsubscribe) via their profile or front-end form. If the default is set to ‘opted-out’ by default, they’ll need to choose to opt into the notifications that may interest them.

You can use this add-on with all other BNFW add-ons with the exception of the Send to Any Email add-on.

Please Note: Whilst no plugin can provide 100% GDPR compliancy, use of this add-on will aid you in becoming GDPR compliant for email notifications that are handled by the Better Notifications for WP plugin.


You run a site in the United Kingdom and you need to provide better GDPR compliance for the notifications that you’ve set-up for your users using the Better Notifications for WP plugin by allowing registered site users the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe (opt in or opt out) of these notifications via a front-end form or via their WP Admin profile. With this plugin, that’s easy.


For more information, I recommend that you look through the full documentation to ensure that this add-on will meet your requirements, prior to purchasing.


Still have a question? Ask me a pre-sales question here and i’ll gladly help.

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“Allowing people to manage their own notifications is pretty essential on large communities. This allows just that, and the addition of a front end shortcode is just what I needed.”

Alex Furr


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