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Plugin Features

Customisable Emails in WordPress

Finally, you can edit all the default email notifications in WordPress and add new ones using a WYSIWYG editor and some shortcodes. It's so easy.

Edit default email notifications

Create new notifications - no limit

Disable notifications

Override notifications when editing a post Global Override Add-on

Extend notifications, adding new content using shortcodes

Multisite notifications available too Multisite Add-on

New Types of WordPress Email Notifications

Better Notifications for WP allows you to create new, custom email notifications for all kinds of things happening on your website.

Send a notification when a new post is published

...or when a post is updated, or scheduled, or pending review

...or when a custom field is updated Custom Fields Add-on

...for any post, page, media, or custom post type

Group multiple notifications of the same type into an hourly/weekly/monthly digest email Digest Add-on

Send notifications for new comments that are approved, awaiting moderation, or replied to, and choose who to send emails to

Send emails to multiple users and user roles

BNFW makes it incredibly easy to change who your custom email notifications go to.

Send to individual users

Send to all users in a user role

Send to individual users and user roles

Sent to just the post author

Let user's subscribe and unsubscribe Subscriptions Add-on

Send notifications depending on user role Conditional Notifications Add-on

Send to non-WordPress users Send to Any Email Add-on

Transactional User Emails, Upgraded

Fully customise your user-based email notifications from registration through to management.

New shortcodes power-up your user registration emails with better content

New notifications for users and admins

Notifications of user role changes

Remind your users to log in when they haven't for a while Reminders Add-on