Version 1.0.6 ⋅ ChangelogDocumentation


New notifications and shortcodes for WordPress Multisite.

Version 1.0.6 ⋅ ChangelogDocumentation


This add-on provides new email notifications for WordPress Multisite installations. The core free plugin works normally under a multisite network setup however, if you’d like to be able to customise the other, multisite-specific email notifications that your multisite network sends out, this is the add-on for you! The new notifications this add-on provides are:

  • New Site Activated or Created – For Network Admin
  • New User Created – For Network Admin
  • Network Admin Email Change Attempted – For New Network Admin
  • Network Admin Email Changed – For Old Network Admin
  • New Site Activated or Created – For Site Admin
  • Site Deleted – For Site Admin
  • Site Admin Email Change Attempted – For New Site Admin
  • Site Admin Email Changed – For Old Site Admin
  • New Site Activated – For User
  • New User Added to Site – For User
  • New User Confirmed – For User

This add-on also provides a number of new shortcodes that are specific to WordPress Multisite networks. This add-on doesn’t allow you to create notifications in bulk for each sub-site in your network though. Full details of these and the new notifications listed above (as well as a few caveats in Multisite in general) can be found in the documentation for this add-on.


For more information, I recommend that you look through the full documentation to ensure that this add-on will meet your requirements, prior to purchasing.


Still have a question? Ask me a pre-sales question here and i’ll gladly help.


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