Getting Started

To get started with Better Notifications for WordPress, you’ll need to install the plugin and create a notification.

Quick Video Overview

Here’s a quick video overview of the features and functionality in Better Notifications for WordPress:


Installing Better Notifications for WordPress is just like any other WordPress plugin. Navigate to your WordPress “Plugins” page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions: In the search field enter “Better Notifications for WordPress”….

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How to Improve Email Delivery

One common problem with sending email from any WordPress website is ensuring deliverability. All hosts treat sending email differently – some have more strict controls than others. As such, you may notice some email gets…

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Better Notifications for WordPress allows you to customise the default emails that WordPress sends out and also includes lots of new ones to help make the most of your WordPress website. To set-up your first…

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Adding a New Notification

To add a new Notification, go to the ‘Add New’ menu item under ‘Notifications’ in the admin sidebar or click the ‘Add New’ button when viewing ‘All Notifications’. You’ll then be presented with a screen…

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Types of Notification

The types of notification available to use in Better Notifications for WordPress are: WordPress Defaults These are the default notifications that WordPress ships with that you can override. New Comment / Comment Awaiting Moderation This notification…

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