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Getting Started

To get started with Better Notifications for WP, you’ll need to install the plugin and create a notification.

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Quick Video Overview

Here’s a quick video overview of the features and functionality in Better Notifications for WP:

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Installing Better Notifications for WP is just like any other WordPress plugin. Better Notifications for WP Navigate to the “Plugins” page in the sidebar of your WordPress Admin and follow these instructions: In the search field enter “Better Notifications for WP”. Click “Search Plugins”, or hit Enter. Select “Better Notifications for WP” and click either…

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How to Improve Email Delivery

One common problem with sending email from any WordPress website is ensuring deliverability. All hosts treat sending email differently – some have more strict controls than others. As such, you may notice some email gets delivered and some doesn’t. This may vary between plugins, themes, hosts, and an array of other methods depending on how…

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Better Notifications for WP allows you to customise the default emails that WordPress sends out and also includes lots of new ones to help make the most of your WordPress website. To set-up your first notification, please see Adding a New Notification.

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BNFW shortcodes output information, as stored in the WordPress database, which can be used in your notifications. Unless they’ve been improved within the plugin, all shortcodes output raw information. Sometimes, this means that instead of a proper link or image, it will output a URL. This is easily resolved by wrapping the shortcode in the…

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Adding a New Notification

By default, BNFW doesn’t add any notifications on installation so you’ll need to add some to get started. To add a new Notification, go to the ‘Add New’ menu item under ‘Notifications’ in the admin sidebar or click the ‘Add New’ button when viewing ‘All Notifications’. You’ll then be presented with a screen that allows…

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How to Disable Default WordPress Emails

If you want to use BNFW to disable a default WordPress email, such as the one that is sent to the admin when a user changes their password, all you have to do is to create a notification for the one you want to disable, then set it to ‘Notification Disabled’ in the ‘Save Notification’…

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Types of Notification

The types of notification available to use in Better Notifications for WP are: Admin New User Registration – For Admin This notification is sent out when a user has registered, either by being added by an Administrator in the WordPress Admin or by registering themselves via the WordPress login form. User Lost Password – For Admin…

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What is a Transactional Notification?

A transactional notification is a notification that is intended only for the end-user and cannot be sent to anyone else. This might be because it contains sensitive information, such as a password reset link, or details of their account. Allowing transactional notifications to be sent to anyone could be a serious security risk for your…

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