Troubleshooting Common Problems


Note: This document is a work-in-progress and is updated when common issues occur. These that aren’t normally issues relating to a bug but are more common issues that are highlighted or affected by BNFW in some way.

Only Some of My Emails Are Being Delivered

This usually occurs when one of two (or sometimes both) of these things happen:

  1. When your hosts PHP execution or memory limit is exhausted when trying to send a notification to a lot of users.
  2. When you’re sending your email via an SMTP provider and it imposes a limit on the number of messages that can be sent in an hour or day.

Solutions for the above:

  1. Ask your host to increase your PHP execution time or memory limit, upgrade your hosting plan, or move to another host. Alternatively, use a single address in the Send To field (such as the one for the main site admin) and include everyone else in the BCC field instead.
  2. Use an SES provider instead, such as Mailgun or SendGrid. More information on how to improve email deliverability can be found here.