Most of the set-up is done on a per-notification basis within Better Notifications for WordPress. There are however, some useful global settings under the Notifications > Settings menu that you may wish to check out.

Suppress SPAM comment notifications

If you tick the checkbox that says ‘Don’t send notifications for comments marked as SPAM by another plugin’, this will stop any comments, that have been marked as potential SPAM by any anti-SPAM plugin from triggering the ‘New Comment / Comment Awaiting Moderation’ notification. This is useful if you receive a lot of SPAM comments on your site and you don’t want to inundate users with unnecessary email notifications.

Default Email Format

This allows you to choose a default format for emails that are sent out from your WordPress website.

This feature isn’t 100% perfect and you may have greater success by changing the email format on a per-notification basis when setting-up a new notification. There are a number of caveats using this method, so please check out the plugin FAQ for full details.

Allow Usage Tracking?

Ticking the box allows Better Notifications for WordPress to anonymously track how this plugin is used and help make the plugin better. If you do this and opt-in to the mailing list, you’ll instantly receive a coupon code useable on any BNFW add-on, via email. You can opt-out by unchecking the box and saving the settings, and can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. For more information on what’s tracked, please see this document.