Known Issues

This page is designed to give you a heads-up on any known issues, hopefully before you run into them. I’ll update this page by adding and removing information where appropriate.

There are no known serious issues or major bugs with the latest version of BNFW.

Social Plugins

Some users have reported multiple emails being sent out when used in conjunction with a plugin that shares posts with social networks. This is not an issue with BNFW. Any plugins that I find that exhibit this behaviour are listed below for convenience:

Membership / Profile Plugins

The Profile Builder or Restrict Content Pro plugins aren’t compatible with the “Lost Password – For User” notifications as they override the way the password reset happens in WordPress and are adding their own custom implementations.

Members, whilst an incredibly popular plugin, and one I’d love to support, lacks hooks for a lot of things. As such, it’s very difficult to support it. If you need to add User Roles / Capabilities, I recommend setting them up in Members, and then de-activating (but not removing) the plugin. Any roles / capabilities you have created should remain and BNFW should function as normal.

Import Plugins

The Cimy User Manager plugin doesn’t save first or last names on initial import and seems to do it afterwards instead. As such, certain shortcodes, such as [global_user_firstname] do not output anything when BNFW sends out new user registration notifications. Users have also experienced issues with other notifications when this plugin is used in conjunction with BNFW.