Known Compatibility Issues


This page is designed to give you a heads-up on any known compatibility issues, hopefully before you run into them. I’ll update this page by adding and removing information where appropriate.

eCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce recently changed how they manage user registrations in the checkout process and as such, BNFW is now unable to override them since around August 2018. If and when a solution is found, i’ll update the BNFW to address this. Further support and features for using WooCommerce with BNFW will be coming in the future in the form of a premium add-on.

Forum Plugins

BNFW isn’t fully compatible with bbPress at this time. Whilst the post types associated with bbPress may show up in the notifications menu, BNFW needs to add specific support for bbPress’s various hooks and filters in order to trigger notifications correctly. Better support will come in the future.

BuddyPress mostly works with BNFW, albeit with a few caveats. The BuddyPress Docs plugin seems to break BNFW completely.


Hummingbird has been known to send notification in duplicate. WP Rocket used to do this too but they issued an update in May 2020 that addressed this.
I *think* this has something to do with object caching so a possible solution is to use a caching plugin that allows you to switch on and off each part of the cache to find what is causing the issue.

Search Plugins

The Relevanssi search plugin has been known to cause notifications to be sent out more than once.

Social Plugins

Some users have reported multiple emails being sent out when used in conjunction with a plugin that shares posts with social networks. This is not an issue with BNFW. Any plugins that I find that exhibit this behaviour are listed below for convenience:

Membership / Profile Plugins

The Profile Builder or Restrict Content Pro plugins aren’t compatible with the “Lost Password – For User” notifications as they override the way the password reset happens in WordPress and are adding their own custom implementations.

Gravity Forms and Plugins with Front-end Forms

Whilst these mostly work without issue, there have been reports of duplicate notifications occurring or notifications not triggering at all when using a plugin that utilises a front-end form for user registration or adding new posts or updating old ones. A notable example is Gravity Forms’ User Registration add-on, which is a complicated plugin to support.

Import / SSO (Single Sign-on) Plugins

The Cimy User Manager plugin doesn’t save first or last names on initial import and seems to do it afterwards instead. As such, certain shortcodes, such as [global_user_firstname] do not output anything when BNFW sends out new user registration notifications. Users have also experienced issues with other notifications when this plugin is used in conjunction with BNFW.


The Fable theme has been reported to break several notifications within WordPress and prevents BNFW from overriding them.


Any plugin that posts via an external API most likely won’t trigger notifications and will fail silently unless correctly set-up. This is because this interface doesn’t provide details of the current user which BNFW relies on to trigger a lot of different notifications. For more information on how to set-up the WP REST API and BNFW, please see this support document.