Filters & Functions

Although these are scattered throughout the documentation on the relevant pages, here is a complete list of all filters available in the core BNFW plugin.


O2 Plugin

add_filter( ‘bnfw_trigger_insert_post’,’__return_true’ );


Add Support for Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on

if ( ! function_exists( ‘gf_new_user_notification’ ) ) {
function gf_new_user_notification( $user_id, $plaintext_pass = ”, $notify = ” ) {
wp_new_user_notification( $user_id, null, $notify ? $notify : ! empty( $plaintext_pass ) );


Add Support for Themes with Front-end Forms

Please note, this is for themes only. For plugins, please see the next filter, below.

function bnfw_insert_post_hook_for_theme( $themes ) {
$themes[] = ‘theme_name’;
return $themes;
add_filter( ‘bnfw_insert_post_themes’, ‘bnfw_insert_post_hook_for_theme’ );


Add Support for Plugins with Front-end Forms

add_filter( ‘bnfw_trigger_insert_post’, ‘__return_true’ );

Please note: Unfortunately, due to a recent change in ACF that uses a non-WordPress standard way of inserting posts into the database via front-end forms, this filter won’t be able to trigger email notifications for ACF.