Conditional Notifications Add-on

This add-on allows you to limit certain notifications depending on which categories, tags, post formats, or terms you choose. You can select one or multiple of these too.

It also allows you to set-up customised ‘User Role Changed – For Admin’ and ‘User Role Changed – For User’ notifications when users move between two roles that you specify. E.g. You can set-up a notification when a user moves from the ‘Subscriber’ to ‘Member’ user role and make it different to the notification you use when a user moves from ‘Member’ to ‘Pro Member’.

Here’s a quick video of what you get once you install and activate the add-on:

The notifications you can use this add-on with are:

  • New Comment / Awaiting Moderation (Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types)
  • New Trackback
  • New Pingback
  • Comment Reply (Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types)
  • New Post / Page / Custom Post Type Published
  • Post / Page / Custom Post Type Updated
  • Post / Page / Custom Post Type Pending Review
  • Post / Page / Custom Post Type Scheduled

It will also work with these other Premium add-ons too:



  • Limiting the New Post Published notification to multiple categories.

    Limiting the 'New Post Published' notification to multiple categories.


You have a notification set-up to alert the ‘Editor’ user role when new posts are published but you’d like to only alert them of posts published into the ‘Technology’ and ‘Economy’ categories, with this add-on that’s easy.



For more information, I recommend that you look through the full documentation to ensure that this add-on will meet your requirements, prior to purchasing.

Conditional Add-on Documentation