What information will be tracked by opting into usage tracking?

Under Notifications > Settings there is an option called ‘Allow Usage Tracking?‘.
Ticking this checkbox and saving the page will append a Google Analytics tracking URL on the following four links in the core plugin:

In the WP Admin Sidebar:

  • Notifications > Documentation
  • Notifications > Add-ons

In the Notification editor when adding or editing a BNFW Notification:

  • The Documentation button to the left of the Message Body WYSIWYG editor
  • The Shortcode Help button to the left of the Message Body WYSIWYG editor

What information is collected?

Directly, from the link, the following information is collected:

  • The location of the link in the plugin, as outlined above, as a source.
  • The medium is set to ‘referral’.

As per Google’s requirements, your anonymity is preserved where possible. Where not possible, such as in certain or rare circumstances, discretion is taken very seriously.

Other information that Google Analytics can track from such a link can be found in their Help Center.

Future Tracking

More comprehensive tracking will be integrated into the plugin at a later date in order to better aid in the development of the plugin and associated add-ons. At such a time, this documentation will be updated accordingly.