Conditional Notifications

The Better Notifications for WordPress Conditional Notifications Add-on allows you to limit certain notifications depending on which categories, tags, post formats, or terms you choose. You can select single or multiple categories, tags, post formats, or terms but not mixtures of them. Programatically speaking, it uses an OR logical operator to send notifications. E.g. Send if this…

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Custom Fields

The Better Notifications for WordPress Custom Fields Add-on (BNFW CF) allows you to do two things: Use custom fields for posts, pages, and custom post types in your notifications. Use custom user fields from a user’s profile in any BNFW notification that allows you to use the user shortcodes except for the registration notifications (but you can in…

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The Multisite add-on provides new notifications for WordPress Multisite installations. All Multisite notifications need to be created on the primary site on the Multisite network to work correctly. An update was released alongside the release of this add-on to the free core plugin that provides support for any regular notifications included within the free core…

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Send To Any Email

Manually Adding an Email Address When setting up a new notification, type an email address into the ‘Send To’ box and when finished, press enter. This will confirm the email address and will ensure it is added to the list of recipients. You can then add other email addresses or select User Roles or individual…

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Global Override

The Better Notifications for WordPress Global Override add-on allows you to override some of the settings of a notifications directly when editing a post, page, or custom post type. You can: Choose whether you’d like to override an enabled notification or a disabled notification on a per post / page / custom post type basis. Choose…

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The Better Notifications for WordPress Reminders add-on allows you to send a notification if a user hasn’t update a post, page, or custom post type after a set number of days. It also allows you to send a transactional reminder notification if a user hasn’t logged in after a set amount of time. This add-on is…

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Profile Builder

The Better Notifications for WordPress Profile Builder Add-on provides notification compatibility with Profile Builder and Profile Builder Hobbyist and Pro. In additional to the standard features within Better Notifications for WordPress, this add-on currently adds: Support for Front-end Registration pages in Profile Builder (Free, Hobbyist, and Pro) This add-on provides full support for sending notifications that…

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