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Directories Pro

Directories Pro has been built to exclusively send notifications using Better Notifications for WP. For more details on how to set this up, please see their support page here.

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O2 Plugin

If you want to add support for the O2 plugin when used in conjunction with the P2 Theme, simply add the code from this help document.

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P2 Theme

I’m using the P2 theme and my notifications are coming through twice! In order to fix a problem with P2 not triggering notifications at all, if you post from the WordPress Admin, it will trigger two notifications: One for the standard BNFW post settings in BNFW. One for the additional BNFW P2 post settings in BNFW.…

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WPAdverts Plugin

The great people over at WPAdverts, have written a code snippet to provide compatibility between BNFW and WPAdverts. You can view this snippet here:

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Actions and Filters

Here is a list of all current available actions and filters within BNFW. Common functions, such as to provide support for front-end forms in plugins or themes, can be found here. Actions These are the ‘Add New Notification’ screen actions: bnfw_after_default_notifications( $setting ) Triggered after the default notifications list in notification dropdown. bnfw_after_default_notifications_optgroup( $setting )…

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Troubleshooting WP Cron

WP Cron is essentially a virtual cron that WordPress uses to run tasks at a certain time or interval. It’s not a proper cron like the one you may get in your hosting control panel and it does have some caveats. Common issues with WP Cron and BNFW are: ‘New Post Published’ notifications aren’t sent…

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How to Trigger a Notification from an ACF Front-end Form

If you use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and want to trigger a notification off of a front-end form, or edit a form after it’s been submitted but before the notification is triggered, you can do the following: Create a custom page template that contains this code: 123456789101112acf_form(array( ‘post_title’ => true, ‘post_content’ => true, ‘post_id’ =>…

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How to Trigger a Notification from a Toolset Types Front-end Form

If you use Toolset Types Forms and want to trigger a notification off of a front-end form, you’ll need to do so using their Forms/Cred API. To do this: 1. Ensure the post is saved as a draft. 2. Create a custom page template that contains this code (replacing XX with your form ID, where…

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Adding Your Own Custom Shortcodes

If you would like to add your own custom shortcodes to BNFW, you can do so by using the following code as a starting point in your functions.php file. This code is a filter for the wp_mail function within WordPress. If you need help with this, you may need to enlist a developer to write…

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Allow non-Administrators to Create Notifications

On install, BNFW only allows users in the Administrator user role to create and edit notifications. If however, you want to allow another user role, such as Editors, to create notifications too, you can enable the following capabilities on the required user role using a user role editor. bnfw edit_post delete_post I recommend the excellent…

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