About BNFW

Hi, I’m Jack and I run Better Notifications for WordPress.

I came up with the idea for the plugin back in 2013 when working on a client’s website and since then, I’ve developed the idea into a fully-fledged plugin used by tens of thousands of users and comes complete with premium add-ons and solid documentation.

I work on all aspects of the plugin, add-ons, website, support, etc. but also use another developer to aid with the development of the plugin and the add-ons.

I have a solid roadmap for the free core plugin, improvements to existing add-ons, and lots of ideas for new add-ons for the next few years.

I publish transparency reports too so that you can see the inner workings and costs of running BNFW as a plugin and side-business.

Outside of my work on BNFW, I run a one-man WordPress web design micro-agency that specialises in designing and building websites using WordPress called Made with Fuel.